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We Make Apps. By popular demand, now you can play sounds from some of the most popular TikTok memes right at your fingertips - for free!


It's fun and free - so what have you got to lose? Write a review and tell us what sounds to include in the next version.

What to do

Annoy your friends, annoy your family, annoy people in public or just annoy yourself with this simple soundboard. Share "Sounds Annoying" with your friends and the whole squad can blast a cacophony of meme sounds at each other and the world.You can unlock all the meme sounds just by sharing the app with your friend. Alternatively, you can pay us $4.99 to unlock all sounds. Or do both!

Here are some of the places to use the "Sounds Annoying" App:


You can bother peopole at lunch with the sounds annoying app.

In a Car

You can use it on a trip, you can play it on a ship!

If Kidnapped

Sounds annoying app can both keep you from getting kidnapped, and help you escape if you do.

Annoy Your Dog

Your dog is already jellious of your phone. Now she can have a reason to bark.

It is a tool

Sounds annoying app is a tool with a special purpose.

It works any time of day

Shocking, right? But it is true. You can use sounds annoying meme sounds whenever.


If you have a problem with the Sounds Annoying Soundboard app, we want to know about it.  The best way to contact us is via:

Facebook through messenger